Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Crisis pregnancy

"When on Blogger... don't talk about Blogger".

I should, for the avoidance of doubt, make it clear that I appreciate that as part of my terms of service on this gratis website, there will be a banner ad over at the top of the page which I have no control, and indeed, with which I should not interfere. So this post is not intended in that direction. I did wonder when I first started this blog as to how the hell they could keep it running. Then I saw the banner ads which were clearly picking up on keywords in my blog. Right. Got it. Well, OK, if you want to click through to cheap Clomid, go for it, that's cool.

But I did pause though when today's banner had an ad heading "Crisis Pregnancy". Yes, just where to go if you've had an unplanned pregnancy.

I am all too aware that for some people, pregnancy is just that. A crisis. Unplanned. And I do hope they find the care they need to deal with that in whatever way. Hell, click on through if that assists you.

But really, could we just twist the knife a little further here? Isn't it bad enough that I have to walk past the entrance to a nursery every day on my way into work? That the sign on their door reads "Shhh, please close quietly, babies sleeping". I could walk around a different way but that would add an extra and really unnecessary 10 minutes to the journey in.

I've kind of learned to block out any feelings I have during those 5 minutes passage through the baby zone, by the bookends of my day that remind me that other people can get pregnant. In some cases all too easily, it would seem.

Actually, come to think of it, banner ads are nothing compared to real live chubby baby faces beaming from the window as I pass.


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