Thursday, May 20, 2004

Know it all

The great thing about the Internet is you have access to a whole lot more information than is really good for you. I do wonder what TTC was like before we hit the information super highway. Doctors must hate the world wide web with a passion- imagine, all these women coming in with statistics and knowledge and *gasp* ideas about the workings of their own bodies.

Having said that, I almost regret stumbling across a whole new area of possible infertility causes the other night. I was trying to read up on what the deal is with these thyroid antibodies I apparently have. And I confess I don't understand what it's all about- but the term "Natural Killer Cells" caught my eye. My short and uninformed understanding was that these are generally good things, and kill off virus and other bad bugs in the system. But if you have too many of them hanging out in, say, the uterus, flexing their natural killer muscles, they scare off the egg, and it won't implant. Or something like that, I don't claim to be too knowledgable (yet). The thing is, I have been wondering for awhile if my eggs are simply not implanting, or if the implant won't stick for some reason.

Immunology and in/fertilty. Oh goody, thinks I, another potential problem to obsess about. But then I read that doctors tend to disagree about all this natural killer stuff, and some places won't test for it or treat it. I intend to pipe up in my best know it all voice during my consolation, I mean, consultation with Dr Endocrine next week and ask all about it though. That is of course, once I have finished scouring the internet for more information.

Even though it might earn me a dirty look, or a spanking & being sent to the corner. Bring it on. I always have been a smart mouth pain in the ass when it comes to getting what I want. Which in this case is the answer to why I'm still not pregnant.

Oh, there are still no SA results. If we don't hear tomorrow, you should be able to find me somewhere near by, slowly caving in skull by beating head against the wall.


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