Friday, May 21, 2004

Nobody's perfect

I am stealing 5 minutes personal time from partner and parents to pass along the Great SA saga update.

Well, we got the results..sort of. I should say that we got the results as translated by E. talking to his GP, and frankly, neither of these men are any kind of experts in sperm analysis or fertility. Unlike me, gobbling down the phone....did he tell you? Count? Morph? Motility? Huh? Huh? *Pant pant*.

The good news: the count- good- no, wait- apparently Olympic style excellence- at 245 million per ml.

The bad news- morph at 10%. Not great. But I haven't had time to check out what all this means, what we do next, or where we go from here.

Motility- I don't know- he forgot to ask and the doctor didn't say anything. I am hoping that means he is OK in that department.

So what the first test has established is we seem to have lots and lots and lots of funky shaped sperm. Huh.

We snuck off to the bedroom for a little private conflab after dinner. E. pulled out his Palm pilot and duly relayed what he had written down. And looked worried and a little sad. I can't blame him- he was so sure he was perfect and it was all me. I felt a huge rush of love for him when he said sadly..."but I want to have two children with you. A boy and a girl would be nice."

Now, my time is up, and I have to go sit on the sofa with my family and smile and pretend everything is OK.

What does seem clear is that as I have suspected for some time, this may not be as straightforward as sperm meets egg, voila, pregnancy. But once again I realise there is nobody on earth I'd rather be infertile with than E.


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