Saturday, June 12, 2004

National Infertility Day

Today is National Infertility Day in the United Kingdom. I was unaware of this until I heard it on the radio this morning while I was attempting to unblock the milk frother on the cappuccino machine with a bit of fuse wire. It was a two second blurb, really, except there was a sound byte of some woman talking about how everyone should be entitled to at least one cycle of IVF for free.

My excitement of having a such a day was fleeting, tempered the cynical realisation that there are about a babillion National This & That days and nobody gives a monkey's.

For example, did you know of the existence of:

National Salt Awareness Day
National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
National Moth Night
National Corndog Day
Cow Appreciation Day
National Ample Time Day
Panic Day (March 9, must mark calendar for that one)
International End Gossip Day (don't tell anyone I told you about that)
International Aura Awareness Day

My favourites include:

Coping with Uncertainty Day - November 17 (a date which happily coincides with National Homemade Bread Day)
International Nagging Day on August 14.

Tomorrow is International Skeptics Day. Look it up on Google if you don't believe me.

I'm not thrilled to be celebrating National Infertility Day, and I don't imagine others in the same boat as me are either (I should have saved that last bit for Cliche Day). But I am happy to know that tomorrow is likely to bring a National Day of something even more stupid, pointless and meaningless, by which point this one will seem like a distant memory.


At 7:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe they could merge the Coping with Uncertainty Day with National Infertility Day. It's really the same thing and you could get double the exposure!



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