Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Expectations after the unexpected

Zeut alors! An occurence, the odds of which I would have placed on par with the likelihood of me actually managing to have sex at the time of ovulation this month (i.e. little to none), Wheeze is being transferred. Which means no more insane making shoulder hoverings over the desk, no more off piste meanderings on how to do my work in a way that makes no sense to me.

True, she is only going as far as the desk across the room. This means opportunities will still abound for the Hairy Eyeball. I am hoping this will be partially compensated for by the fact that I might get her desk, the best one in the office. Only, not so likely, since there are at least two members of staff senior to me who will want it. The reality is I will still be sitting pretty much right next to her.

But surely some of the day to day stress will diminish.

Except I will have to do all her work as well as my own until they replace her, or until I get pregnant and go on maternity leave. Both events which at the present rate of progress are likely to be sometime around the date of the next Venus transit.



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