Saturday, February 19, 2005

Testing, testing one two three

Right, where were we? Oh, yes- next!

When I said in an earlier post that we would be able to move on to doing our first IUI as of my "next cycle", I should clarify that what I meant was the next cycle after we both get all these other tests done. Specifically, HIV, Hep B & C and for me, chlamydia. And then see the consultant. And then see the nurse. And do the hokey-pokey, turn ourselves around, that's what it's all about!

E. went to his GP yesterday to have his tests done, and to quiz the doctor about treatment in the Other City hospital. Or, in the OC, as it shall henceforth be known. (Editor's note Thanks to Amy for that suggestion.) E.'s GP has apparently been through some of the infertility funfair himself, so we'll call him Dr BeenThereDoneThat.

Dr BeenThereDoneThat had initially been less than complimentary about the OC when E. asked him many months ago. I'd read a bad review on a message board as well, which worried us a little. But for some reason the doctor's tune has now changed. Or maybe he is just telling E. what he wants to hear.

In any event, there was nothing said to convince us that we should forego that plan and instead stick with the local Ass Con centre. I don't particularly care if the nurses are a bit brusque, or if the price is a bit higher at the OC. What I care about is getting some fertility assistance sometime this century. And so far, the OC ticks that box.

E. should get his test results by post in 7 days. Dr BeenThereDoneThat cautioned E. that if the HIV test came back positive, it was going to possibly affect his life insurance. E. replied that if he is HIV positive, it would seem we have bigger problems than just insurance. I know that doctors have to tell you this stuff before they test, but damn, it sounds stupid when it comes out of their mouths.

E. e-mailed me to tell me he'd had the test. "Ouch," he wrote. "Needles are ouchy in my arm!"

I sat there doodling, trying to work out how many times I have been stuck in the last year. Then I e-mailed him back.

"Tell it to someone else. Love, Pincushion."

Next up- my (*yawn*) visit to my (*yawn*) GP for more of the (*yawn) same.


At 4:47 PM, Blogger Suz said...

He, he, he. If men had to do it, someone would have made IVF as easy and painless as eating a chocolate cake by now.

Good luck in the OC and don't forget to pack that bikini.

At 6:55 PM, Anonymous Julia S said...

When I read E's response to the GP I actually laughed so hard I started crying.

Huh, you think?

I owe you an email but I have been up to HERE in sickness and, really, it was all too tedious and gross to lead to anything in the way of an interesting note.

At 2:01 AM, Blogger amyesq said...

Glad things are getting going in the OC and glad E has finished his tests. Poor baby about the needle. Better not tell him he may need to masturbate into a cup yet again or he may just throw in the towel completely :)

Sounds dumb, but after my somewhat permiscuous 20s (there have to be SOME guys left in Scotland I didn't shag)it was actually a teeny tiny relief to have all those tests come back neg. Not that I thought I HAD anything but, still...

At 6:00 PM, Blogger E. said...

Bwaha -- love your pincushion response. Stupid testing. Enough waiting!

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