Friday, February 04, 2005

Vox Populi

The S.I.P.P.Y. ("Scottish Infertility Political Posturing and Yammering") alarm went off a few days ago. I sent a squad car out to investigate.

Turns out there was a debate in the Scottish Parliament last week on infertility services. But wait! Before you start issuing tiny squeals of delight, let me assure you that it's not all that.

While I do applaud the efforts of the Minister for raising the issue, unfortunately a fair bit of the debate was also comprised of politicians engaged in self congratulatory drivel. Yes, well done, Mrs. Hairy McClary, thank you for sharing you once had a problem with endometriosis. Hooray for you, Ms Hortensia McCleod of the Clan McLeod on behalf of your constituency on the shores of Loch Shiel, for revealing that you nearly had to go through IVF once, but instead were saved by (and I quote) "a "miracle pregnancy!

Honestly, a bunch of us infertiles could have achieved more in a half hour coffee klatch in Soper's kitchen than Scotland's elected officials did in a hour of parliamentary discussion. All this blah, blah, blah, and no indication of the problem might be solved.

Note this: only one male MSP hung around for the debate. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that it was scheduled for after 5pm, not exactly political primetime. Or it could be that they all had something more pressing to do, like topping up their spray-on tan , or lighting the curtains on fire. But that did not deter our sole stalwart male politician from attending, oh no- after all, this was clearly an unmissable opportunity to spout crap.

Let's dissect a few gems, shall we?

1. "Members have raised issues about age. I agree that the age at which people qualify for treatment should be raised, especially as nowadays people who have careers often marry or settle down much later in life. However, I have a slight reservation. I do not condemn my parents in any way, but my mother was 37 and my father was 42 when I arrived. That was fine: I had caring, loving parents. However, when it came to asking, "Are you going to come and play football, dad?" that was a wee bit beyond his level. We must bear the needs of the child in mind."

Woof. Did someone fart, or does it suddenly reek of HFEA in here? To this I say, please, spare us your childhood trauma. I'm really sorry you didn't get whatever you needed from your daddy when you were growing up, but take it up with your therapist, not the debating chamber.

2. The sexual health of the nation is poor. We do not know how many infections there are. I would back the idea of a chlamydia testing scheme. For many people, the problem is a matter of lifestyle. They get into drink and drugs; they end up having sex and getting infections. That damages their lives.

Where do I even begin to discuss how very, very wrong this is? Thank, Mr MSP, for equating infertility not only with lifestyle choices, but to infer that it's all the drink! the drugs! and the STDs! causing the problem. How dare you suggest this is our fault, the result of our irresponsible living? And what the fuck would you know about the lifestyles of people needing treatment anyway, you ignorant moron? Do you have any evidence to back up your assertions, or do you just like the sound of your own verbal dribbling? And anyway, last I checked, this town is full of pissed-up junkies pushing prams en route to the methadone clinic.

If you are already thinking this asshole really should have shut up by now, just wait. He saved the best for last.

3. "Many contraceptive preparations damage women's fertility. They can limit a woman's physical capability to have children. Moreover, the sheer angst caused by fertility problems can cause mental health difficulties and those, again, can postpone children. There should be some form of counselling for people who have such difficulties."

In other words, all you women are to blame for using that nasty birth control stuff in the first place. Because birth control doesn't just prevent unwanted pregnancy, it ruins your fertility forever! Now look at what you've done, you stupid bitches. Made yourself infertile AND crazy. Get a shrink, or some electroshock therapy, you unhinged hysterical freaks. Oh, and just relax.

If you're wondering, what is that faint high pitched noise you are hearing right about now? It is the echo of my primal scream of frustration.


At 9:37 AM, Blogger TofuSal said...

I hear the screaming Mare, I've got steam pouring out of my lug-holes to match.

It's interesting to hear the differences in the ART situations between down here & North of the Border - you've probably heard that it's a 'postcode lottery'. In the region where I live, all treatment (post investigation) is on the same list as bum-lifts & boob jobs, ie: a lifestyle/cosmetic choice & therefore NOT available on the NHS.

Sorry, I'll continue this rant on my blog - but that debate just got my dander up.


At 11:15 AM, Blogger LEB said...

It is so depressing yet so not surprising - I feel like I'm beating my head against a wall of morons every time I see stuff like this.

At 2:00 PM, Blogger Soper said...

*gaping fish-mouth faces*

I am speechless. Utterly speechless at the ignorance shown by your elected officials. Make that all elected officials.

I have a dream....and in that dream, idiots are not in power, all people have clean air and clean water, and ALL reproductive treatment is free.

Not quite the same as, you know, the civil rights movement, but it's a start.

Don't call me a klatch, it sounds to much like snatch.

At 4:19 PM, Blogger Anna H. said...

I don't even know how to respond to this -- it angers and depresses me at the same time.

Will this bullshit never end?



At 4:33 PM, Blogger sweetisu said...

Yeesh. When will the truth be known to these people??? I hate elected officials. Most get elected because they have money, or money from powers that are not good for the general public. Not because they truly want to help the general public.

At 4:39 PM, Blogger E. said...

I just love how politicians talk out of both sides of their mouths. One day there's a problem with crack babies, the next there's an issue with drugs causing infertility. One day there's a crisis with young people and their unplanned pregnancies, the next we have contraceptives causing infertility. Gawd.

At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mare, I am just too damn sick right now to go on a tirade...I already was hacking up a lung...maybe I will just throw in an infertile's heart by the way of hacking as well. Damn politicians....Fuckers.

alex (from the kitchens if the mucousy infertile gourmet)

At 5:15 PM, Blogger amyesq said...

Wow... I can't. Even. Wow.

At 8:05 PM, Blogger Pamplemousse said...

It makes me ashamed to be Scottish to hear such drivel come out of their gobs! ROFLMAO at Mrs Hairy McClary! Next time you need a pseudonym for conversations underneath your desk, you know who to be haha!

At 8:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, if only they'd talk out of their mouths instead of their arses.

You could petition the partliament: Or write a stongly worded letter to your MSP and MP. But they've probably got more important thing to deal with - like booking holidays. (Two months in the summer - I'm in the wrong bloody job!)

Ms pickled eggs (

At 2:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is outrageous! 42 is too old to have kids?! My father-in-law is 68 and still plays softball with his 45 and 40 year old sons. Whomever said that just had an unhealthy dad who probably drank too much and smoked too much.

The whole thing is ear steam inducing.



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