Saturday, July 10, 2004


A little update...

The ever delightful lobster girl commented on my earlier post and mentioned OPKS. Had I ever used them?

The answer is yes. I did try OPKs for awhile but I kind of gave up for various reasons. Quite a lot of the time we have to just plan on E. coming through from the Other City during what we think will be "Fertile Goo Week". We have to block out a whole section of dates ahead of time on the calendar. If we try to do it on a piecemeal basis (like me phoning up and saying "hi honey, I'm about to ovulate")- inevitably he won't be able to get here. So OPKs don't help much there. Such is the insanity of our lives.

To be honest, I also gave up on the OPKS because I can ovulate anywhere from 9-16 days, and it was costing me a fortune to keep enough of the little fuckers on hand. Between that and the price of petrol driving back and forth- and we haven't even gotten to the expensive treatments yet.

However- and despite my earlier assertion that the opportunity had come and gone:

I did another mission later on tonight (denial, thy name is Mare) and fossicked out something that looked sorta kinda eggwhitey. Since my body appears to be wholly dedicated to the production of odd mucus at the moment, maybe it was encouraged to join the party.

So we went for it. I nearly choked to death on my own phlegm in the process, but hey.

Now I am left to wonder, did we time it right after all, or did we miss it?

The airline staff have just handed me a standby ticket and told me to wait in the lounge.


At 1:50 AM, Blogger lobster girl said...

Ah hah. Hmmm, interesting. (Stroking chin thoughtfully.) I see you have considered the OPK issue carefully. Goo it is.

Hope you caught the window. Hope you "catch". And hope you uncatch that bug real soon. I'm sending you lotsa lotsa hope.


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