Friday, November 05, 2004

Tomorrow is Another Day

Well, well, what a complete fuckarow yesterday turned out to be. First of all, the election. Suffice to say, it didn't go the way I had hoped, obviously.

Then I found Waldough, who, as it happens, was hanging out in the ladies' bathroom on the second floor of my office building, second cubicle on the left. Welcome Waldough, you irritating little fucker. So no, I am not pregnant.

I wasn't really expecting to be, not really. I apologise for making it sound like a more exciting moment of great import than it really was. It was simply that it was day 13 DPO, and if nothing else in all this cycling nonsense, I am regular like clockwork. I may never have seen a positive pregnancy test in my life. But I have also never, since I started paying attention to these things, gotten past 14 days post ovulation, never ever ever.

Come day 13, my waking temperature will invariably hover around 97.3 degrees, a sure indicator that a hot date with Waldough is not far in the future. I don't even temp the rest of the cycle. I just make a note of the day I think I ovulate, wait 13 days, and pop the digital thermometer in my mouth that morning. And as sure as night follows day and day get the picture. It's 97.3, and I always get my period the next day. Always. Every single month for the last year and a half. There may be something else wrong with me, but it sure ain't regularity of my cycle.

As an aside, I am, as usual, cheered and bemused by the sheer enthusiasm for peestick peeing that some of you evince at the mere mention of a possible pregnancy. I liken it to some sort of tribal rite, where the women in a big group cluster round the initiate, gyrating in a slow circular dance, chanting "PEE, PEE, PEE" while waving popsicle sticks in the air.

Anyway. I sat in the bathroom feeling a bit glum, to say the least. Thank you, Universe for that sharp left hook, followed swiftly by the upper cut to the jaw. BAM, BAM. The proverbial double whammy.

I came home and watched the BBC vultures gorge on the carrion of the election wind-up. Then E. came home to find me in a dismal heap. He cooked me dinner, as he always does, bless his cotton socks. Afterwards we changed into our soft flannel jammies, ate some ice cream, and watched a fun, mindless movie, lying with our legs intertwined together on the sofa.

I love watching movies with E. We have quite similar viewing habits, that is to say we will both watch just about everything. We enjoy "quality" films, but also have a secret mutual fondness for complete brainless fodder. You know, the type with lots of explosions, aliens, things that lurk under the bed or in the bushes, people mutating into strange forms as result of killer viruses, senseless plots to destroy the world, and anything with excessive amounts of slime and goo.

We know fine well that one should suspend all disbelief for these things, but like me, E. is quite happy to engage in a little running critique on some of the stupider efforts.

So we spent a delightful couple hours enjoying the movie and each other's commentary. Where did the red dress come from, and couldn't she have found something more substantial to wear before embarking on the mission? Why don't the soldiers radio for back-up? Why haven't they figured out that the fact that the computer shut everything down and deliberately terminated everyone in a creepy BIOHAZARD centre was probably for a very good reason? Who was that other girl meant to be working for? I wouldn't open that, would you open that? Fuck no, I thought you wouldn't, so why did they?

It was all very satisfying. I felt much better afterwards.

And this morning, strangely enough, I woke up feeling quite positive about life for the first time in awhile. Had myself a little Scarlett O'Hara moment in the shower, soaping and singing. OK, things are crapadoodle doo in many ways. But for some reason, my good spirits have returned, and I feel sort of recharged. Quite scrappy and ready for battle. Bring it on. Tomorrow is another day, and all that.

I don't know long it will last, but at the moment, it feels just fine.


At 9:02 PM, Blogger Adventures.... said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better... love that "brainless fodder" myself...

Also wanted to say I've been lurking for a while & your posts always resonate with me so much... Thanks for making me feel less like an alien on the wrong planet...

At 12:36 AM, Blogger Soper said...

Hold onto that thought...

At 1:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. You sound upbeat, it really comes through and I'm glad.

Like Soper said, hold on to that thought.


At 5:35 PM, Blogger lobster girl said...

I'm sorry Waldough found you. Or rather, that you found Waldough. But how nice that you're feeling upbeat. There's nothing like a good flimsy movie to raise the spirits. Thinking of you, and hoping the mood sticks around.

At 2:07 AM, Blogger Toni said...

Sorry this wasn't it. And I'm sorry that I keep chanting "Pee...pee..."...can't help it. It's an addiction. I need help...

At 6:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hold on to that feeling, babe.

middle way


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